German lessons in group

German lessons in group

How it works 

The more the merrier! It’s efficient and less expensive.

The groups are self-created, i.e. you form your own group and choose your friends, colleagues, acquaintances or classmates with whom you want to take the German course.

For example: you find friends or classmates who want to participate in a German course. After having obtained an agreement from each participant, each one pays his or her share on my website After receiving payment from each group the course is validated and can start. Also, schools can organize groups (e.g. during the big break. It is the parents who organize! I will come to your school.) So, nobody pays the total amount for the whole group on my site! The total displayed after selecting the desired formula is therefore the individual amount to be paid by each person. 

Rates and prices are downloadable in PDF format: Tarife Coursallemand

120,001 350,00


German course in group

up to 60 % savings compared to individual courses!

available face-to-face or by videoconference via Skype or Zoom

Form your own group and save money now!

You are a small group of friends or classmates and you want to take German lessons face to face or online? This way you make  considerable savings.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups must be formed by you (or a member of the group). Do not pay your personal fee online until you have obtained the agreement and confirmation of your friends / classmates / colleagues in your group who wish to participate in the German course and share the cost. You can also have your friends pay for the course and pay the full amount after you have requested it in writing to me on the Contact page.

For the order to be valid, the payment of each participant must be made 5 working days after confirmation by the group organizer or all payments must be made at the latest one day before the first course.

  • Payment by credit card. For those who can come to the office to pay in cash, cash payment is accepted (payment will be made at my office in Strasbourg).
  • The promotion rates paid are valid for three months from the date of receipt of payment. So you can pay during the promo period and start two or three months later.
  • Please note: There are no refunds after two weeks without a formal cancellation of your reservation for the course within two weeks (cancellation is done by email, no need to give reasons. Your money will be wired back to your account).

The rates for lessons via Skype or Zoom and lessons at my office are the same.  

  • Up to 70% discount compared to the rates for individual lessons.
  • In case of renewal after the expiration of a formula, the rate of the first chosen formula will be applied. Ex: If you have chosen and paid for a 30 hour package and you wish to add 10 more hours you will continue to pay the 30 hour rate and not 10 hours.


Validity of paid promo rates: 

  • There is the possibility to wait for the promotion each winter (between December and January) or the summer promotion (between mid-June and mid-August). The payment made during the promotion period is valid for 3 months. You can therefore start your course later in September or April, then when you need it!, and avoid the higher rates of the autumn or spring.

Overview of my rates and prices

Tarifs de groupe pour les cours d'allemand

Tarifs de groupe pour les cours d'allemand



Additional information

Nombre d'heures

10h, 20h, 30h, 40h, 50h, 60h

Number of persons

2 pers, 3 pers, 4 pers, 5 pers


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