German distance learning

via Skype

Learn German the easier way comfortably sitting in front of your PC. 
Save time, money while making faster progress with your personal teacher online!
No need to rush to the other end of town to get to your German lesson in time.  And if you have missed your class, no worries: You can take it later at another  time convenient to you. Contrary to the e-learning method, where you are working with a digital robot, you are now talking to a real teacher – your personal German teacher! On top of that, you will find plenty of free exercises on my Website suitable to your level. So, its more fun, more entertaining and the whole course is tailored to your specific needs!  
You avoid hidden agency fees or transport costs. 
You can get my rates here. All you need to do is indicating the number of hours you wish to take and the type of student you are (standard or university student). 

1. Book the hours

2. Get confirmation for the slot I scheduled

3. Download Skype:

Go to the official site of Skype here.