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Here you will find a list of popular German pop and rocks songs and hits with texts, explanations of German vocabulary, German expressions.In addition, you will have grammatical and lexical exercises based on the subject and grammatical elements that appear in the text of the chosen song!What better way to learn and have fun in German!Don’t they say that you learn best by having fun? At the same time it gives you a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the hits that are currently making a splash in Germany, but that go unnoticed on English or American radio stations. Which is a shame, isn’t it? What better way to talk about music, break the ice, find a pleasant and exciting topic of conversation and share cultural interests with your German acquaintances, partners or friends, who surely know the one or the other hit or band! You might even impress them not only by your good speaking German skills but also by your excellent knowledge about German pop and rock culture!The list will be updated on a monthly basis. And if you have a title that you would really like to have, just send me a note and I will try to send it to you as soon as possible.These materials are perfect for classroom use, so school, college (third grade) or high school, university or are a handy tool for German teachers.My prices: 1 title 3 €. 5 titles 10 €.This offer is included in all packages, so for all students enrolled in my courses!

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Below you will find the hits of German rock, German heavy metal, German hard rock:

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